Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeding Time

Grab your boots! It is muddy, really, nasty, gooey muddy outside today, but we have chores to do and need to get on the ball! Ready??
First we feed the dogs and cats, and then we'll head to Mr. Hardy to feed him.
This is Gladys. She is one talking hen. She follows us all over the
yard because she knows that I carry cracked corn in my coverall pockets
to toss to the hens.  
This is Ollie. He is one rough rooster. The other roosters don't like him. At All.
They beat and peck on him and have even torn out his
beautiful tail feathers. His left leg was broken in the goat yard when he
was running from Petie, who was going to flog him. He is Gladys'
roaming buddy -- at least at feeding time.

It is a good thing we came out at 4 instead of 5 today! Mr. Hardy is
really hungry! We need shovel some of the ashes, stir the fire, and then
add some wood. There is a little paper trash to toss in first.
Do you want to do it? Watch your hair! I burned my bangs
off last week when the fire flared!

Look out! I hear the ducks running down the hill! They
have heard us out and know that the chickens have a little
cracked corn snack. They will fuss until we give them some, too.
Don't you love how they waddle? I do!

Ooops... Someone, or two, or three, is really annoyed.
They think we are late to turn them out to graze.
They are right. We still have to toss out the
cracked corn for the ducks and feed
the chickens before turning them out.
Otherwise, we will find goats in the henhouse! Again!

Here they come again! These guys never give up!

Be careful when you reach for Missie's eggs. She will peck
the tar out of you. I usually scoop her from behind and toss her out.
You might want to wear two pairs of gloves before you
grab her eggs.. Just sayin.....

Why don't you toss the gals the left over whole wheat couscous
left from supper last night? They will sure enjoy the
treat! How would you like to eat traditional laying pellets
day in and day out?? They don't either....

After we have turned the girls out, it's time to feed Hollie. She
won't quit hollaring until she eats. Besides, it makes it easier
to clean the loafing yard and stalls if she is eating... and
the goats are grazing the mountain.

Well.. this is the best part of farming. Poop. Tons and tons of poop.
I'll scoop. I hate to ask you to do it on your first visit
to the farm. Watch your step!

Well! Look what we found while we were cleaning the stalls!
It looks like some gals didn't like sharing the nesting boxes
with Missie! Take a peek around the stable. You might find more!

Don't suppose you have more feed in yoru pocket?

Thanks for dropping by today to help feed. We have a lot more to do, but you are looking tired and, well, I am starving! Remember your boots! It's nasty out there!


  1. It just amazes me, Matty! How can you do all of this and teach also? You truly are a wonder woman!Gee whiz! Be careful around that fire! Wish I could remember what Beth or was it Amy said to Meg when she burnt off her fringe. I think I need to reread Little Women.

  2. I'll gather the eggs!!!!! I always loved doing that when we visited the relatives' farms back when I was a kid. (But I'll be game for scooping poop, too.)

  3. Hi Matty, I just love your post today! These pictures are great. They really give a sense of all the work that is involved and what it must be like to care for all these beautiful animals. I love your ducks. I sure would like to have some of my own one day.

    I wanted to tell you too Matty how much I love the soap you sent. The goat milk soap is wonderful and so gentle. My skin is very sensitive and the only soap I have been able to use for the last couple of years is a milk soap that I get from a friend in Switzerland. So far it was the only thing I could use on my face that didn't turn it beet red, until I tried your soap! It works great. I really appreciate the gift! Have a lovely day ahead. Delisa :)

  4. Dear Matty,

    Your Gladys looks like my girls (did you name her after the Chicken Chronicles?)! :)

    I'll help with the poop-scooping; good exercise for the heart and lungs. And don't you love the pitter-patter of little feed, following you wherever you go? Do you ever get the feeling that to animals, People=Food?

    Careful of that fire!




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