Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Bet My New Year Was Most Rocking

Happy New Year to you all! Hope you are off to a wonderful, contentment filled 2012. And, that you don't believe a word the Mayans have to say about the world ending in 2012. After all, they are an extinct culture. You'd think they would have seen that coming... 

Anyhow, have to share with you my wonderfully exciting New Year's Eve. It was fabulous. It was like nothing I have experienced on any other New Year's Eve.

I spent the night at the emergency room hoping to either be given a miracle cure or a termination date for this crud that I have fought for ten days. While waiting for the doctor, I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with a mentally challenged man who not only pulled up his shirt to show me his scar from his open heart surgery, but shared with me how "beef stew just gives me the run-offs."

Now, before you think I am making fun of this nice man, I am not. His open frankness and his innocent faith were touching. He, as I started off, called to me: "Happy New Year, ma'am! I hope you get better and that God will bless you!" I returned the wishes. Let me say, that was the nicest send off that I've had in a very long time.

And, you know what? I think I will and that He will!

Last year Brenda inspired me to select a word to guide my year. I selected "Moderation" and I practiced it most of the year. So, I have decided to select a word for this year. I have considered: frugal, determined, doggedness, perseverance, and patient. Instead, I have chosen


I have so many things in my life that will benefit from practicing this word... and the world would benefit from more people using discernment. 

Are you going to select a word to guide you for this year? 


  1. Funny you ask! I just decided to do that! I don't have my word yet...waiting for it to come to me today. I like will be interesting to see where it leads you.
    Hope your crud is gone and you feel better soon. Mine lasted a long time...

  2. Hope you are feeling better, Matty! Had to laugh at your remark about the Mayans. I was thinking the same thing! Discerning is a good word, with that ability all the other virtues will follow.

  3. So sorry to hear that this "crud" has gripped you for so long, Matty. )-: Here's to a healthy 2012!!

    My "words" for 2012 are Momento Vivere. I came across this while reading Loving Frank by Nancy Horan this fall and I grabbed it as mine for the new year.

    Blessings for 2012!!!

  4. Certainly hope you're feeling better!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Hi Matty, so sorry to hear that you had to go to the emergency room. I hope that you were able to get the treatments and the medication that will help you to feel better real soon. Take good care of yourself, stay warm and rest well! I love the new blog look and the big sunflowers. Have a lovely morning. Delisa :)

  6. Dear Matty,

    I hope that you are feeling better now! I'm glad your hospital stay was not a long one.



    p.s. As far as knitting goes, I wish I could help you out!


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