Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Da Goats! with some wool thrown in

Feeding the goats is one of my favorite things to do. I love how the girls smell and how they "hum" when they talk. I let the gals out around 3:30 or 4 every day to roam the mountain behind the house. Because they are grazers, I don't really worry too much about what they might get into. If they were penned up, however, I would be very careful because they can't have laurels or a few other things as they are "poison" to them.

We start with getting their bowls ready with Goat Sweet Feed
which has about 16% protein. This helps keep the gals healthy and
producing a goodly milk supply. The blue bowls are for the Young
Does and the white bowls are for the Momma Does.

Next, we have to get the log ready. Every doe and buck is logged daily for how much
ration eaten, condition of hair, skin, eyes and gums.
When I first started with goats, I had a terrible parasite problem.
Now, however, because I try to be vigilant about their worming program
and check them every day, the problem has resolved.

Don't forget dessert! The gals get an animal cracker after dinner.
After all, we all have a sweet tooth, don't we?

On the way home, I met Alana (who is a super tatter -- look at her shop!)
and was fortunate enough to have her give me all her scraps from
shearing this year. It will be put on the hot beds I am building
in the greenhouse. The wool will compost over the season;
in the meantime, it will keep the beds warmer than usual and
help conserve water. Isn't it neat??

The duckies have come to inspect the wool. I think they
hope it is feeding time.

Guess what? It was! Because I am a lazy farmer, I am feeding the gals
where the last row of block go on the greenhouse. It is getting done.
This Weekend. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts. Since our
builder, after earning enough for a beach trip, didn't come back
to finish the job. So, I am letting the gals clear the turf so that the block will
be easier to lay. After all, I am a "lazy" farmer!

Thanks for dropping by today! What shall we do tomorrow? Whatever it is, make sure to bring your coveralls. You don't want to get too muddy!


  1. I love the dessert the girls get!

    Actually, I love reading about all of your life. :)

  2. So interesting Matty! Especially the wool compost - such a smart use of the "scraps".

    With your jammed packed days, you must sleep very well at night!

    I'll be back tomorrow with my coveralls on. (I'll be the one in the brand-new, stiffer-than-stiff ones since I've never had an occasion to buy/use coveralls before!) (-:

  3. Still astounded Matty! "Lazy" should not be a word in your vocabulary. Guess you paid the builder too well!

  4. Hi Matty,
    What signs would I look for if our goats were to have a parasite problem?
    We also let our two loose and they love it - they always stay close by and follow us around.
    Thinking of you and always remembering how you and your husband have blessed us. Thomas has a live audition on February 18th for the theater major at Emerson College in Boston:)
    Warm wishes,

  5. Wow you make my feeding time so unorganized!!!Lol I would so love to come across some wool to use for mulch like that!!

  6. Can I come for dessert too? I love animal crackers... but maybe though I could have my own bowl?

    Like Brenda at Coffee Tea already said, I, too, love reading about all of your life.

  7. Dear Matty,

    You're so efficient with your log book! The goats are lucky to have you for an owner. And I think that "lazy" is smart! I'd love to see photos of your greenhouse, too.




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