Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mind-Mapping Thursday

Last Thursday was such a hit, let's give it a go again...

We are cleaning my MIL's basement now. It is dark. It is full of trash and cobwebs. We found a mummified rat. We screamed. Now, no one will open anything without a lot of light and someone to hold their hand.

The Airman is quickly getting on my short list. I texted him: "I am in misery; we are in the basement." Response: "That stinks. I am in Hawaii."

Mother and I were loading some firewood into my truck. Me: "I know why we won't ever get old." Mother: "Why?" Me: "Because we won't sit down long enough."

For our anniversary this week, we decided to go to a little store up on Whitetop that has terrific deli sandwiches. When we got there, the deli had changed hours and closed. Instead, we shared a Hunt's pizza (he got the meat; I got the veggies), sodas, and Little Debbie cakes. It was perfect!

Never, never, never, no matter how great it sounds at the moment, wallpaper one wall with nothing but sheet music. You will learn the meaning of futile when you try to remove it.

You know you are married to the right person when you say: "I have a surprise! I've been waiting to show you!" when you are taking a leisurely drive and they respond: "Terrific! I have something to show you, too!" And then you find out it is the same thing.

And the best part of this week? It is June 23 and no one has been to the ER yet this summer. Will miracles ever cease??


  1. You won't eat meat but you eat Little Debbies?
    That's just weird.

    I'm really back ;)

  2. There's a show called Oddities that features a store that sells such things as petrified rats. You might have struck gold! Pizza and Little Debbies sounds like a perfect anniversary dinner. Happy anniversary!

  3. Little Debbie is owned by the Seventh Day Adventists. They are vegan... still... I think... Now I have to go check the label! LOL

    So glad you are back, Ms. T!

    Jane, my sister took her boys to something called "obscura night" at a local home. It is a group that collects oddities and one night a year (not Halloween) they have "education" night and school children are invited to come and participate. Now I wish I had saved it! :)

  4. Love the amble through your life today.....

    Happy Anniversary and loads of wishes for lots of happy memories to fill every day this coming year!

  5. HAppy Anniversary!! Rats mummified or live make me scream! Cant help it.... So not right to answer with the "I am in Hawaii".....LOL


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