Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mind-Mapping Thursday

As I feel rather random today, I thought I would share just how my mind works -- randomly...

I have a flat tire on the Goat Mobile as a result of running over the spade of a fence post when unloading feed yesterday. It is still flat. I have to change it. It might stay flat another day.

The truck still has a load of wood on it because I thought it was going to storm yesterday, so I rushed to feed the does and kids, but then it didn't storm, but the Mister came home and we decided to go ahead and load Copper (the Dexter bull) to take to Market today, so we did but it took two hours, but he is loaded and gone. (Yes, I know that is a super long run-on sentence!) I joyfully waved "so long" this morning as the trailer went out of sight. And the truck still has wood on it...

When moving the cattle trailer last night, the Mister caught the edge of the chicken fence with the fender. Guess who has to rebuild a chicken fence? The Mister. *giggle*

After making coffee that only Airmen like (read: with oil on top, bleh), I have finally mastered using my stovepot perculator. It takes four minutes, not ten, to perk a really fine cuppa. You see the problem.

For the past two nights it has been in the 40s here. We had to turn on the heat last night to take the chill off. That's wrong, that's wrong, that's wrong.

Yesterday I had lunch with my dearest friends Sara and Julian. Their eight-year-old daughter Corrie wanted to show me how she can ride her bike. She did a great job. Then, I asked if I could try. Her bike is an 18" affair. I rode it down the drive way, giggling all the way. So did Corrie. "You look like a clown," she hooted.

Yeah. That's me. A clown.

Have a great Thursday and find something to laugh about!


  1. And why didn't someone video your debut on the bike so we could all have a good laugh:-)

  2. This was fun to read! The thought of you riding the bike did indeed bring a chuckle!

  3. Let that darn wood stay on the truck Matty and enjoy yourself today. Maybe even ride a bike your own size :)

  4. LOL at the *Giggle* because some one had to repair fence!! It always makes me feel better when Some one other than ME does something like that and he has to fix it! That wasy they cant say anything about it when I do something of the same nature!
    I recently rode a bike after years of not riding! I forgot how much fun it was!

  5. Yes... well we're wondering around here too, where's the video?

    Those random postings sometimes are just the best fun... a little of this and that!

    Enjoy your day...........


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