Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Okay... Just a LIttle Mean...

Took two bucks to be castrated this morning; the new owner wanted wethers and, after a little dickering, we decided I would take care of it.

The Mister and I loaded Chuck and Charlie into the carrier in the back of the Forester / Goat Mobile and off we went. Because the Mister had to go on to work, I had the chore, er, pleasure, of taking the boys into the vets' office alone. They were really good. Except, as with children, they pottied themselves all the way there and back, which meant I was pottied on all the way there and back each time I picked them up.

Since they were so knocked out when we got home, I had to leave them in the back of the Goat Mobile until they woke. Chuck was up and at it pretty quickly, bawled for his Momma until I lifted him out, and then went right in for a little Momma love. Charlie, however, has had a tough time waking up. He will wake a little, thrash, roll, pee, and bawl. Then, he is right back to sleep.

I have giggled in the most unkind way! And, it reminded me of this:

I guess you can see how really sick my sense of humor is... Poor fella and poor Charlie. Charlie will have extra cookies tonight. And I won't giggle in front of him. Really.


  1. He was really out of it. If I got all that out of going to the dentist, I might go more often. Ha! I always plan Georgie's flea and tick medicine for the days I know I'll be out all day. It really knocks him out. At least he doesn't wet the floor.

  2. LOL...poor little men :)


  3. Poor little guy! That was just too funny. It sounds like you had a big day. I'm glad you had time to work on your soap project too. What a great way to use up all your netting! I hope the little goats feel better tomorrow. I'm knitting a hat and scarf set now for the lady who won my recent blog contest. I'm almost half way done with the scarf. It is a pretty autumn leaf lace pattern. I hope you have a nice and restful evening ahead. Delisa :)

  4. Hope the little goats are doing better - too funny!

  5. Poor kids... One thing I would have asked for at the vet was a shot to bring them out of it. Because Goats are so sensitive to meds a lot of them die from the anesthetic(sp?). When I had Ethel dehorned she gave her something just enough to make her immobile and as soon as we were done she gave her a shot to bring her back around. She doesnt leave them under very long because it can also cause their rumen to shut down. Thats why I band the boys and not surgically castrate. Glad they did okay though. LOL @ the video!


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