Friday, June 3, 2011

Start at the front door

One of the best things I learned in home ec a million years ago was how to clean a room or house. Start at the Front Door... or by any door...

The concept is simple, but I am amazed by how many people don't seem to know this one bit of vital information for successful cleaning.

By starting at the front door and working one's way around a room, one can clean as they go, putting up and sorting out, without having to back track. It always clears the way for one coming in and out as they continue to clean.

I have applied this to my clearing out upstairs and it has worked like a dream. While the room looks terrible right now, since it is being moved to another space, I know when I am done, it will be organized and cleared up in a few hours instead of a few days. This makes me very happy.

But, for now, I am going to apply this practice to the downstairs. While the Mister is a fabulous guy, he fails miserably at keeping house. And, after four days of not doing much of anything, I am ready to fluff up my house and cook some dinner. Smoothies have grown tiresome. And, a stitch fell out this morning so it should be okay to start some softer foods. I never thought I would tire of ice cream....


  1. Oh you sound like my mom!! She is one of those highly organized people that can clean a really messy dirty house in a few hours. She use to come in and clean mine when the girls were little! I did not get that organizing gene... I get distracted when I take things to the other rooms to be put away.. My mom just shakes her head and laughs says I am just like my dad!LOL I have figured out how to work with my ADD though. And my girls are good at keeping me on track.. When they leave home I know things will go south again!

  2. I have to admit, my housekeeping these days is a bit haphazard. When I used to work full-time I was much more organized, but I do have the tendency, like Tonia above, to get distracted when I take things to other rooms to put away. I forget to come back to my first room -- LOL -- and then every room is in an uproar until it's all done!

    So I'm taking your million-year-old Home Ec advice as my encouragement to try again to stay on track!

    Sounds like you are getting back on track too. And yeh, it is amazing that we get tired of ice cream and hanging about doing little. We are made for more!

  3. I like your front door theory! Just think a few more days and you will be all done. You can look back on your summer vacation and really feel like you got a lot accomplished. Then very soon, the remainder of your time off, will be back on track with scones and tea in the morning, and knitted dish cloths!

    You'll be able to dance around your craft room with your arms outstretched like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music! :) Have you ever thought of calling your "Whatacha MaCall-it Room", your "studio"?

    I always called my room the "sewing room" but it really didn't fit the projects I was making. So my niece, who moved in with us for awhile, who is a very talented artist and has her own business now up and running (I'm so proud of her I could pop!), she said "Aunt Delisa, what you are making in here is Fiber Art, there are kids at the college who are going to school and paying thousands of dollars to learn how to design like you are. This is a working studio!"

    Wow, I never thought about that. A fiber artist? Little old me, nawwwwww, really? Nooooo. Maybe? uhmm? So now everyone calls my little room "The Studio" and I feel a renewed sense of purpose and value to what I make. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Delisa :)

  4. I appreciate this bit of advice! I never learned this in home ec, or from my mom, who was a good housekeeper. I must try it; thanks!

    And also thanks for visiting my blog today; I'm happy my prayer helped you.


  5. Very good thinking! :)

    My goodness, is that picture of your front door? it is absolutely gorgeous! :)


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