Saturday, June 4, 2011

To Market, to market

{imagine a picture here of all kinds of great things to eat and enjoy ---- breads, candies cookies, scones, greens, eggs, meats.... yummers. ..... }

I love Farmer's Market Day! The Wytheville Farmer's Market has such a wonderful energy and vitality that makes getting up at oh-dark-thirty quite worthwhile! If I didn't earn enough to more than pay for gas, I would still do it!

Today I had goat milk soap, lavender sachets, dishcloths, market bags, eggs, and mint-chocolate or lemon-poppy seed or orange-cranberry scones for sale. Albeit, while it doesn't seem like a lot. It was a stellar day. I mean stellar!

Our market has so many interesting things: alpaca roving, herbs, all kinds of great greens (lettuce, kale, arugula, and such) eggs, eggs, and more eggs, three kinds of soap (how wonderful is that), a wide variety of baked goods, meat such as lamb, mutton, and beef, organic charcoal (wouldn't some lamb be fabulous over that??), plants, jelly, mint tea, homemade candies, and even a wonderful pillow maker! What is so fabulous is that we help each other by recommending all kinds of connecting goods from other vendors. We didn't plan it that way; it just happens!

The best part is that we are all committed to growing as naturally as we can and to provide the best product we can. Think of it: when you shop at a grocer's, you are getting food that could have been picked more than a week ago before it was even ripe and before all the nutrients were developed. At a local market, you are getting foods that are more flavorful, much fresher (most of us pick on Friday), and certainly leaves a much smaller carbon footprint. Plus, you get to know your vendor and can even make special orders happen Just For You!

I have to admit: I didn't shop locally until we started the market business last year. I wasn't sure I'd like it. Actually, it felt too intimate for me. But, having sold at a market for a year now, I can tell you that is the best part of the relationship. We remember our customers and try to ask about things they have shared with us: grandchildren, health issues, weddings, deaths, or whatever. It is really like doing business with family!

If you don't support your local market, please give it a try. You can find out if there is one near you at this site. Yep, we're there and you will be greatly surprised by how many folks are! Won't you let me know if you visit your market and what you think of it?

As Julia Child said: Bon Appetit!


  1. Our village market started last week. Man oh man! There wasn't one spot left to park in the entire village! Fortunately for us, it's just a few blocks walk from our cottage. Got honey butter, wonderful bread from "our" Amish gal. And Jamie always buys Capt. Jack's wonderful maple, brown sugar sausage. That could make a pretty great meal.

  2. I wanna come!!! And please get some pics of all to share here:-)

  3. Hi Matty, your market sounds like a lot of fun! Our little town has been trying to get a farmer's market together for a while now and they are beginning to make some progress. They only have a few booths set up in the center of Main St. but word is beginning to spread. I'm so glad to hear that your market is so successful! You certainly picked up a bag of goodies! Delisa :)

  4. The County Seat town has had a downtown farmer's market since I can remember. I love it on Saturday mornings all year but especially in autumn. Sheer bliss...

    The University town near us now has a farmer's market. I hadn't been there since it opened but I stopped at the end of last season to buy honey. I couldn't believe how large it had grown. People are so wanting to purchase locally now.


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