Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coming Soon!

The Mister and his buddies' newest album: The Journey. This album has taken them more than 13 years to finish and was finally completed after one of the trio, John, died three years ago. Topper and The Mister decided after John's death that the album should be completed. Of course, it took them a year to realize this as they were deep in another project at the time. When everything kept going wrong on that album, they finally realized they were being nudged to complete this one.

The Journey chronicles the journey from lack of spiritual faith to complete faith. This video is from a performance in 1999 and is one of the first songs for the album. Enjoy!

Topper, The Mister, and John

If you'd like to hear bits of the album or learn more about the making of it, please click here .


  1. How wonderful! Congratulations to the Mister and his bandmates for their perseverance. Thirteen years! You'll have to keep us updated on where we can purchase it.

  2. Congrats to them for getting it done! Sounds good!

  3. I love the sound! Perfect contemplation music for back-road traveling.

    Congratulations to them on the completion of this special project.

    (Oh, to have the gift of music!!)


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