Thursday, June 30, 2011

Call Me "Purty"

My friend Vicky and I took a load of books to donate to the library up on Whitetop Mountain this week and stopped at the little deli up there for lunch. As we sat on the porch eating and admiring the mountains, two fellas drove up in a truck. One got out and swaggered into the store, tipping his hat, and saying, "Morning, ladies" as he walked past. The other fella stayed in the truck. In a few minutes, he called out, "It sure is nice to see such purty ladies this morning!" Vicky and I looked around to see where they were.

"You two! You are sure some purty ladies! What you doing this morning?" He persisted. I answered him, "Just sitting here eating and admiring God's handiwork!"

Just then his buddy came out with a case of Budweiser. "Lunch," he quipped as he sauntered by.

As they drove off, I looked at Vicky. "I'd like being called a pretty lady more if he'd been sober."

I thought she would drop off the porch.

How's your week been?


  1. Take a compliment when you receive it Matty. Who knows? Maybe the alcohol gave him the courage to say what he thought!

  2. Tooooooooo funny! Especially your friend like to falling off the porch... I'da joined in if I'da heard your wit!

    And I'm with Jane... maybe having some of that beer in him already gave the guy the guts to say what he thought!

  3. Personally, I understand that the first thing to go with alcohol is judgement... Kinda dampens my enthusiasm for his compliment... LOL

  4. LLLLLLOOOOLLLLL!!!! Thats great!


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