Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Better Wake Up Skinny

This summer, thus far, I have done little more than physical labor -- planting, hoeing, loading hay, loading firewood, moving feed, fencing, cleaning buildings, cleaning houses, chasing naughty goats, and hauling trash. It looks like with all this activity that I should weigh seven pounds.

Not by any stretch of the imagination is this true.

Somehow, my weight stays nearly the same. Really.

This is pushing me to saying some very nasty things about my metabolism. Things you might not want your mother to hear.

Why is it that our bodies immediately go into the "overwork! too little food!! warning! Warning!! WARNING!! Hold onto every calorie and squeeeeeezzzzze it for every single tinee tiney bit of FAT you can" mode?? I know nutritionists believe it is to keep us from starving to death quickly in times of famine, but can't my body tell when I am working like 12 men or 1 woman that I am NOT starving to death? I am moving, for crying out loud! If I were hungry, I would be in the kitchen, not on the back of the truck!

Today I have loaded an entire truckload of firewood, TWICE! Once from the field to a trailer and then to the truck and, in a few minutes, I will UNLOAD it to the wood pile. That should negate the ice cream cone I had when I went for feed, don't you think?? And the cookies I ate between loading from the trailer to the truck... and the soda... wait... er.... nevermind....

We now resume our regular blog. Look! Over there! It's a goat....


  1. Tell me about Matty! I find those people that say they lost twenty pounds by cutting out after dinner snacks particularly annoying. I haven't eaten dessert or after six in decades, but when I go to the doctor's all I've lost is half a pound!

  2. Christopher gained a lot of weight at school last year and he's been working out a lot to get back into shape.

    His friends reminded him that muscle is heavier than fat so it only appears he is not losing much weight.

    Hmmm... not sure if that is true or they just don't want him to give up, hehehe. I'd say it must be true as he looks thinner.

  3. LOL!!!! I am thinking I should have never gave into temptation and weighed myself the other day.. Now I KNOW how much more I have to lose and it outweighs what I have lost! It can get depressing.. Have another rice crispie treat.... LoL!

  4. It is soooo unfair xoxo Clarice

  5. I feel the same way! I've had the most active summer ever and I have lost a few pounds...but it should have been way more. I should be waaaay skinnier by now. Metabolism is a dirty word :)

    P.S. if you get a duplicate it's because I couldn't sign into my Google acct for some reason and it kept prompting me with word verification


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