Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Up For Air..

I miss miss miss you all! Only one more class of grading to finish and I am done done done. Did I mention that I have 175 students? Just want to be sure I did One More Time.

Best essay of the semester:

Assignment: Develop a research paper in which you persuade another reader to change their opinion about a topic. You must use three outside sources and will be evaluated on: documentation, quality of research....

Submitted: I have researched my family. ..... Grandma ran away and married Grandpa. They had my Mama six months later. My Uncle was hit by a garbage truck during the Holocaust.

Honest to goodness. This is most of her submission. I wept. Now eating leftover candy hearts from Valentines. They aren't helping, but I am pretending they are.

Back soon!


  1. If I ever go to college, I wish you were my teacher xoxox Clarice

  2. What a lot of work Matty, I'm so glad you are at the stage where you can begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel. You have a very challenging job and I admire your dedication. I hope you have a restful evening and a good day tomorrow. Delisa :)

  3. Hopefully you'll be finished soon. Interesting. essay. What was the writer trying to change the reader's opinion of?

  4. Oh I bet you cant wait!!! I am wondering too what the writer was trying to change the opinion of?? 175!?! 3 is enough for me!lol

  5. I think she wasn't trying to change anyone's opinion. I think she was just trying to blow off the essay. Maybe she thought I don't really read them. Some instructors don't, you know... :P


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