Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's that time of year...


I don't know if they are worse for students or teachers. Wait. I do know this. Teachers.

See you in a week. I don't know if you should pray for me or my students... *giggle*


  1. My son just went through wrapping up three huge projects given at the last minute and is now studying for finals.

    You should hear he and his friends talk about the difference between good instructors and bad (the bad ones being profs and instructors who gave last minute projects each requiring a week's worth of work). :)

  2. The joy of having grown children is that I don't have to go through that stress anymore. BTW, I didn't see your last post. Congratulations! It must feel wonderful to know that you have influenced someone's life.

  3. I hope your week goes well Matty, hang in there! In times like these I remember what my Dad always used to say. He'd ask "How do you eat an elephant?" answer: "One bite at a time!" Delisa :)

  4. So glad I am no longer teaching!
    Now if I am asked to school LilBear...well...of course!
    Hope things are good your way...we are into day three of the flu.
    And that is thanks to the LilBear, by the way..

  5. LOL, hang in there baby!!! Clarice

  6. At least you're still laughing... that's a good sign! (ohhh, that's not hysteria, is it?)

  7. How's that head of yours! LOL!! Hey, my troll is well and active again, how'd you like to deal with that instead of exams? Switch?


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