Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Can See Clearly

There are 21 windows in the house at Lazy Bee Farm. Each is a lovely 36 x54, which means there is plenty of light ... and dirt.

Yesterday I washed 10 of them, took down the curtains, washed them, and got them ready to rehang. Even though it was rainy, it was a lovely task. What is it about just washing a window that makes the whole room shine? To wash them I used:

Homemade Window Cleaner

1/2 c. ammonia
1/2 c. white vinegar

Add to the mixture water enough to fill the spray bottle.

Isn't that easy peasy? Now, some folks will add a one teaspoon of dish detergent to the mixture, but I don't. I have been wondering if adding a little lavendar to the mix would be nice. I do that when I add vinegar to my wash instead of using a commerical fabric softener. It works like a dream! No static!

The other thing I made was a snackie thing for the Mister. It is so good that he wants it for breakfast instead of snackie.

Cheerios Goodies

2 c. mini-marshmallows (or equal of the large would work)
1/2 c. peanut butter
5 c. Cheerios

Butter a 9 x13 pan and set aside.

Melt the marshmallows to just the soft stage. Add the peanut butter and stir quickly to mix. Then, add the Cherrios. Stir to coat. Press into a 9 x13 pan.

If you want to add any kind of candy, do it before you press into the pan. I added a handful of chocolate chips we had left from making fudge a while back. They melted Just Enough to be yummers.

The state of the loom / craft/ needlework room is dismal. I started cleaning on it, but we have decided to flip it with the Mister's music room. We are building him a studio and he won't be needing it. And, frankly, it is my favorite room of the house. It is upstairs, on the front, with three windows in a cupala. The sunlight is wonderful! So, I am very happy about that, but it means more work than I expected. Ah, who cares? I have another 88 days of break!

What will you do today??


  1. Wish I could get my windows washed.Just too cold. We even had a bit of snow the other day. I thought about putting up the light Cape Cod curtains but again, It's still so cold I thought it was best to leave the heavier drapes on the windows. Oh well! On the other hand, we haven't had any sun in ages, so you don't notice how dirty the windows truly are!

  2. Hi Matty, I have got to try the cheerio recipe! That sounds so good, I love anything with marshmellows. Have you seen those new Camp Fire giant marshmellows? They are huge and taste so wonderful. I need to get our windows done this year too. When we had the house pressure washed, it cleaned the windows and made them sparkly but the inside needs to be done. I can't wash them myself anymore because of my back and need to hire someone to come in. Now that school is out I can probably find one of the young ones in the neighborhood, who would like to make some extra pocket/video game money.

    How nice to hear that you will be getting your favorite room for your craft space! Have you ever seen the magazine "Where Women Create?" It is one of my favorites and has lots of ideas and shares stories of creative women and pictures of their studios.

    I hope you continue to enjoy each day off to the fullest! Delisa :)

  3. The lavender in the wash sounds marvellous! Mmmm... so what does the Mister say about his shirts and socks smelling like so sweetly?

    I'm going to try that with my linens loads!

    Enjoyed the posting....

  4. I've got to tackle my windows too but right now it's just too gorgeous to be inside!


  5. Lucky you! Your new needlework room sounds so wonderful. What a dream space with the windows in the cupala. But I'm afraid I wouldn't get any work done for all my dreaming out the windows. I'm not proficient enough yet to knit without looking.


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