Sunday, May 22, 2011

How A Beekeeper Tills A Garden

We have one very snarky hive. Very very snarky. Everytime we go out the back door, there is a girl there, waiting, who then bumps, buzzes, and chases us back into the house. Cross bees. It comes from being brought up in the country, way more in the country than we are, and not having to deal with anything or anyone other than your own kind.

These new hives, all ten of 'em, haven't been good family members, thus far. In fact, one stung Moosie right on the corner of his eye, leaving him all weepy and with hurt feelings.

After being chased, bumped, and tortured by these new gals one too many times, I ran to the house only to discover one rode into the house on me in order to continue her annoying behavoir. After she stung the Mister while he was trying to get her out of my hair (yes, again!), I happily smashed her with a fly swatter.

So there.


  1. How can such horrible little buggers give such delightful honey? Well, one good thing, the beekeeping hat forces you to have sun protection! Protects you from flying debris too.

  2. Snarky huh??Lol How annoying though.. I would be to scared to mess with the hives at all!

  3. Akkk, not sure I would ever want bees now. I admore you xoxo Clarice

  4. Hi Matty, sorry you all got stung! Yikes, I have been stung several times by wasps, but never by a bee. We have a good friend who has several hives and he gives us a jar of the special honey every year. It is such a treat. With bees having so much trouble these days, bee keeping is quite a noble endeavor. I admire you for all your efforts. My husband has been looking in to it and would like to set up some hives of our own someday, but our neighbor though, is deathly allergic to bee stings and has to carry around an epi pen, every day when she goes outside. I would not want to do anything that might endanger her. So it will remain a dream for right now at least. Hope you have a great day ahead and continue to enjoy your time off! Delisa :)


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