Thursday, May 19, 2011

If it's Thursday...

... that means tomorrow is Friday and we are yet another week closer to the official start of summer. It is difficult to tell that here this week. Our high for the last week has been 54-degrees. And, we have had so much rain that even the ducks, George and Alfred, are fussing. We have very little in the garden, in fact, just the asparagus we have planted. It is too wet and cool for anything else.

According to mountain folklore, if there is thunder in February, then we will have our last frost on that date in May. It thundered February 28, so we are expecting our last frost May 28. After that, Katy bar the door, because summer will be full upon us.

Today I had a sweet little thing happen. Because of all the rain, there is a wet weather spring that has come up in the back of the house, on the hill, that runs through the side yard. It is making an ever-expanding 'crick' that we are now having to jump over. It is annoying because if I have on anything except my mud boots, I have wet feet. I can't jump far enough to avoid the mud! This afternoon, as I started out to feed, I could hear a steady 'buzzzzzzz' in the yard. Instinctively, I checked the bees on the hill; nopers, they were all fine. I looked into the maple for a swarm. Nothing. Then, I looked down. All along the water's edge were little bees getting a drink! They were so cunning! They were lined up, side-by-side, getting a little bit of water and then high tailing it back to their hives! I nearly fell down giggling.

If I can get a picture, I'll post it, because this is one that you have to see to believe!

What unusual things did you see today??


  1. I had to go to Wally world so I wont post the "unusual things" I saw today!Lol.. How funny about the bees! And cute! Its been wet here and cool. Blackberry winter is what my mom and my Mawmaw called it.

  2. Oh, I'd love to see such a sight as that... hope you'll be able to catch the bees drinking at the well!

  3. I couldn't imagine the bees drinking. I guess I never thought about how they do it. Must have been quite a sight!


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