Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Day Musings -- Beautiful, Smart, or Interesting??

Yesterday at the Farmer's Market I was introduced by someone very kind as "the most unusual woman I know." I took it as a great compliment.

All my life, I have been marked as "unusual." As a wee little Matty, I can remember my parents saying to a neighbor one time: "Missy is beautiful; Mark is smart; Matty, well, she is interesting."

At the time my feelings were crushed. After all, who doesn't want to be smart and / or beautiful? But, I adored (and still adore) my sissie, so I can't be angry with her because she is beautiful. And, my brother is still as smart as ever and that doesn't anger me either. Me? I have come to understand that being interesting doesn't fade or change. One just gets more so.

Let me explain.

Think about people you know. Don't you enjoy the ones who are unexpected -- that is to say -- different in their approach to life? Don't you find their joy infectious? Isn't being around someone who is living as they define life inspiring?

Now, I am not saying I am all these things. Far from it! However, as I reflect, I realize that I have always seen life a little differently from most. There is no memory of my learning to read; I seem to have always done so. Heck, I read Thoreau when I was seven and "Gone with the Wind" when I was in fifth grade. I published a neighborhood newspaper which I sold for a penny door-to-door when I was eight. I believed in fairies (and still do), have seen angels, and know that the hand of God has put me in a safe place when I should have been long gone. I believe in grace and mercy. And, I believe that we are all special and unique with something important to do in this world.

And, so, as we approach this coming week, isn't it time we all learned to live our lives as we should -- being true to who and what we are? Isn't it time that we show mercy, kindness, and understanding to those who seem interesting or unusual? In short, isn't it time we become more of a model of He Who Made Us?


  1. You should definately take being "the most unusual" as a compliment Matty! Wouldn't it be a dull world if we all conformed to what society expects? Church lady comes to mind. I'd rather keep company with an unusual, quirky person anyday. My goal is for people to look back on my life and say that I was a character.

  2. Dear Matty,

    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment! I'm excited that I wrote a book, too; I never thought I would, but now I have lots I'd like to write!

    I agree about being interesting; what would the world be like if we ALL conformed? ;)



  3. Loved your posting... and I'd LOVE to meet you in person,O Interesting One!

    When I saw your phrase "being true to who and what we are", I immediately thought of the book I was reading last week by Elizabeth Goudge. The author, in Pilgrim's Inn, has Sally's father describe his daughter on p. 5....

    " Sally there was no distortion. Neither heredity, environment, accident, nor disease had played any trick with her. She came nearer to being what she had been meant to be than anyone he had known."

    That made me stop and close (or far) was I from being who God meant ME to be?

    BTW, the jury is still out on that, but I do know that I'm nearer to her than I used to be.

    Thanks for the great thoughts to muse upon!



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