Monday, May 30, 2011

We're Breaking Up

After 35 years together, my wisdom teeth and I are breaking up in the morning. Actually, they started breaking up about six months ago. After failing to play nicely with the fillings, my wisdom teeth pushed the boundaries of our relationship past the point of return. They have to go. As a result, I have decided to get braces ... again.... to repair the damage they did when they made their appearance 35 years ago.

While I am perfectly okay with the procedure, it seems, as with childbirth, people really want to share their Completely. Horrible. Experience.

"I threw up for a week."

"It hurt so badly I couldn't move."

"He broke the tooth off at the gum and I had to go back six times to have bone removed."

"He broke the tooth next to it."

"I bled for a month."

"My head fell off." Okay, I made that one up. But you get the picture. What is it about the human spirit that we find it challenging to be optimistic?

Personally, I am NOT going to take the Xanax (and no it isn't for sale) and I won't take the gas. He is going to numb them, remove them, and I am having a Frostie to celebrate. See? There is optimism for you!

Pray for the Mister...


  1. I like the Optimistic!! Lol at the last "horror story!" I hoep it goes well and the frosty does the trick! Mine popped out no big deal but I was 20 at the time.. ;D

  2. Hi Matty, I know your procedure will go well tomorrow. Had mine taken out years ago and my husband had his taken out last year. The only thing I would suggest is to give yourself a day or two of rest afterwards and get your pain RX filled even if you never take it. You may not have a bit of pain and may only need a little motrin, but just in case, it helps your body to heal from the procedure more quickly if you can sleep and not use up your precious resources struggling against the pain. Everyone is different. A lot of it has to do with the nerve endings and how deeply the wisdom teeth are impacted or if there is any infection. It is never wise to dwell on the negative, but being prepared is good, so that you can make sure you have the best of care. I had mine pulled without the gas and did just fine. Rest well tomorrow and enjoy your frosty! You'll be up and petting your goats in no time. Thank you too Matty for your kind comments on my blog! Delisa :)

  3. Well Matty, here's an optimistic story for you. I had mine taken out a couple of years ago and it didn't bother me a bit. Just had to take some extra strength Tylenol for a couple of days. Just went to the regular dentist and had Novacaine or whatever they use now days. Hope your procedure goes as easily!

  4. Best to you as you undergo this.... you and your mouth will rejoice in that Frosty afterwards, I'm sure.

    So far, I have my wisdom teeth... although a couple never did appear at all (even though I'm 50+). I say, don't bother showing up now, guys! We're okay without you.

    I like your enthusiastic way of looking at the upcoming separation! It should go a long way to making it a more than tolerable experience.

    I think attitude goes a long way, don't you?


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