Monday, May 16, 2011

How To Know It Is Summer...

Today is my official "first day of summer break" and I can already tell you how I know, even without looking at the calendar:

10. I ate breakfast in my jammies.
9.  Wookie didn't call for me until 6 instead of 5 a.m.
8.  I am still in my jammies.
7.  There is a list of errands THIS LONG to accomplish today.
6.  I am still in my jammies.
5.  There is a chicken in the fridge thawing for the Mister's supper. For the last two weeks, he has eaten ham sandwiches.
4. There was only one lunch to pack today.
3. I have 320 bruises from working in the yard yesterday.
2. I have poison ivy on my feet from going barefoot and on my arms from picking up hay.
1. A bee stung me on the top of my head while I was in the garden and the Mister was changing supers. Really.

Even though it looks like rain today, I am doing my happy dance. I haven't stayed home and not worked in the summer for 15 years. Yeah. It is going to be good...


  1. One of the joys of being my own boss is that I can remain in my nightie for a good portion of the morning. Unfortunately, sometimes I get caught by an early visitor. Very embarrassing!

  2. Enjoy your summer break! Can't wait to follow your Lazy Bee Farm adventures! (-:

  3. A bee stung you on the TOP of your head!!!

    Enjoy your summer break!


  4. For once, I wasn't wearing a hat, Manuela, and the little girl caught caught in my hair when the wind blew. We were both surprised; we were both very unhappy!

    Jane, my postal carrier knows if it is 9 a.m. and I am still home, I am in my jammies. We have come to an understanding. I don't answer the door if the inspector is with her; she doesn't laugh.

    If yesterday is any indication of what this summer is going to be like, it is going to be fabulous!

    Thanks, ladies! I will!

  5. It sounds like an int'resting start to your summer! Well maybe except for the poison ivy and the bee sting.

    Wishing you many happy days ahead.......


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