Thursday, March 31, 2011

Give Me A Break!

My new best friend:

In the midst of all the other drama of the last two weeks, our refrigerator died. Not the freezer. Just the fridge. Yeah. I was thrilled.

Needless to say, this necessitated cleaning out all the, hmmm, food and washing down the old one. It was a youthful 15 years old and I was quite attached to it. I knew just where my hand should be when I reached in for an item. The shelves were just the right size and place for my habitual reaching in and out. We were sympatico'.

Now, though, I am having to learn a new friend. There is no egg drawer. None of the refrigerators we looked at had one. There is a butter door, but no egg. What sense does that make? And, the shelf adjustments just don't offer the range the other one does. But, it is bigger. And cleaner. And shiner. And weighs a whole lot less than its predessor.

So, I am learning it and it is learning me. For example, the door is so much lighter that it no longer closes on its own. As a result, I can no longer sneak in and grab something without the Mister knowing. I have to be vigilant in making sure the door closes or I am busted. And, as there are not the same shelf levels, I have no secret hidey hole under the cheese door for my candy. Then there is the whole issue of every shelf and drawer being completely clear. How am I expected to hide my treats if the whole thing is transparent?

I think I see a pattern here... and I am not sure I like it. This new refrigerator is co-conspirator with Weight Watchers. Can't a girl get one break??


  1. Funny how a person can become attached to an appliance. Used to have a fridge that had the freezer on the bottom. I really missed it when we moved and left it behind. I wouldn't worry too much about Don finding your goodies, it's a proven fact that men can never find anything in the refrigerator, even when it's the only thing in it!

  2. I feel the same way about our refrigerator. It has many nice features but it is also missing others that were important to me. Even though it seems larger on the outside, I never seem to have the freezer space that I had in my old one. Also the way the shelves are set up it is hard to get things to fit like cakes, or party platters, which I could use for entertaining. But hubby says it saves energy, I guess that is what matters. Sigh...Have a nice evening Matty! Delisa :)

  3. WEll, I like that new fridge of yours! Enjoy, as I am now reporting you to WW..LOL!

  4. I heard that the new refrigerators no longer have egg containers in the drawer because it was found they didn't keep the eggs cold enough to protect from bacteria and such.

    I really enjoy having a new stove but I haven't taken the time to read the instruction book to use the oven as a convection oven (it can be used both ways) or the simmer element as... simmer.


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