Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not So Old-Fashioned

A certain farm gal has leapt into this century with this little doozie here. It isn't that I wanted it, but rather that I want a way to talk with my Airman while he is overseas and not spend his inheritance doing so. With this thing, er, phone, er, whatever it is, I can use Skype and we can chat over the internet for an unlimited time without breaking the Lazy Bee Farm bank. The only problem is ... I can't remember how to turn it on...

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  1. My phone has that too--call me girl...LOL!

  2. What kind of phone is it?
    Techy stuff is so neat for keeping in touch. I remember months going by when my grandpa was in Vietnam and we didn't hear a word. These things make it just a tad easier for those at home :)

  3. Oh - that looks so fun, Matty! That will be wonderful for staying in touch with your son!!

    (At my age, I really have to work hard at trying to keep up with technology. It all is progressing so fast and I don't want to be left back in the dark-ages.)

  4. Technology is really amazing isn't it? I remember when we had party lines and a long distance phone call was something special. And before you had to dial in the area code to make a local call, just a one!

  5. Hi Matty! You are going to have fun learning to work that. I know exactly what you mean though, everything has become so complicated technically. I have a very simple cell phone, I keep just for emergencies. Everyone knows to call me at home, but once in awhile it will ring, and I still can't figure out how to get the messages off. My niece took it out of my hand and within two seconds had them up and was giving me this pitying: "Poor Aunt Delisa" look! It was the same look I remember giving my Mom when she didn't know how to work the VCR. What goes around comes around. haha. Have a lovely afternoon! Delisa :)

  6. Oh how fun!! I know you are going to love it. I have a “smart” phone for my job and I have to say--I am addicted. I do everything from banking, e-mail, note taking, voice memos, calorie counting and so on with mine. Probably too much but I know you will be so glad you have it to staying in touch like you plan. Great!! Thanks for sharing with FFF


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