Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't Mess With My Schedule!

Normally, my day begins around 5 a.m. Between feeding, breakfast, dressing, and the morning commute, it is just easier to start so early. This means that everyone on the place is ready to eat no later than 5:30 -- especially Monsuier Wookie. And, of all the folks, he is the one who is most vocal if things are not kept on his stomach's schedule.

All week I have slept in, hoping to rid myself of the plague, and so, the Mister has run interference, keeping everyone's stomach content. This morning, though, he was as tired as I and stayed in bed.... until Wookie decided he was going to eat. No If Ands Or Buts.

He started his attack by standing on my hip.

He barked (yes, Maine Coons bark: "Meh!")

He walked up to my face and gently patted it with his paw. He patted again, not so gently, but got no response.

He put his nose to mine and barked again.

He pulled the covers down from my chin and barked yet again.

He turned around and struck me in the face with his very large, bushy tail.

He barked a little more insistantly.

Much to his dismay, I turned over, completely ignoring his pleas. After all, I am in charge, right?

This insult was more than he could stand.

Jumping over my head, he burrowed under the covers and stuck his nose under my night shirt.

Needless to say, he won.

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  1. Ah- I know someone here so insistent as well. You may be ill, as long as you do it AFTER his needs are met. The last time change (fall back) made no impression on him even though I had tried moving meal times a few minutes each day for the month before. So I hoped the Spring Back would put things right in his world. Better, but the final rule on meal time is when his lordshop says NOW.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Georgie just pops up like a jack-in-the-box on the side of my bed, if I roll over he just goes around to the other side. Persistent little beggars!

  3. Chubba-kitty climbs up onto the lid of the plastic bin that has the dog food in it and, given enough time, will get the handle locks off and hop in and eat.
    She thinks she's a dog.
    The only thing she doesn't do is bark.
    Hope you are feeling more energetic soon!

  4. Barkley always lets me know when his dinner is late too! He will get right up in my face and stare very seriously or look from me to the kitchen over and over, until I get the point. In the morning if I don't get up in time he will give me what I call a "Seal" kiss. Instead of sneaking in a lick like he normally would, he just presses his snout into my cheek lightly, until I wake up. He is very gentle, but it is the funniest thing, I never had a dog do that before. All I can feel is his wet nose and scratchy whiskers. I reminds me of a seal kissing his trainer at Sea World! Have a nice afternoon Matty. Delisa :)

  5. I read this aloud to my husband and both of us got a great chuckle.

    When Miss Victoria went to see Doctor Lisa a few weeks ago (she is having paw troubles), my husband was reminded that Maine Coones are among the least domesticated cats, hehehe.


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