Monday, March 7, 2011


This is what we woke to Sunday morning. By the way, the grey is our road and the other, well, is the little creek that became a big creek in a very short time. As a point of reference on the creek, usually we cannot see nor hear it. This is our bottom pasture -- all five acres on the house side of the creek and another three on the back ... all underwater...

In fact, we had so much rain, that all the farm critters started lining up, two-by-two, and looking for the Ark. In the course of no more than five hours, we experienced rain, rain w/ snow, snow, and then rain w/sleet.

Yeah. It's March....


  1. Oh isn't March weather lovely? It's still snowing here, but at least it's melting very, very gradually so hopefully we won't have any flooding. Hope that creek flows away from your place.

  2. Wow, that creek looks a little too close for comfort. We live on five acres too with a dirt road in front. Last March the whole front of our property was flooded to about 3ft. from our front door. Thankfully it all eventually drained off into the forest the way it was supposed to. What a mess though. Traveling on the dirt road was like trying to drive on chocolate pudding! This year we built some better culverts and cleared the drainage pipe to the pond, so I'm hoping it will be better. I hope that all goes well for you, keep us posted! Delisa :)


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