Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nothing As Sweet....

... as home... We say this, but have you ever thought about how truly fortunate you are?

Yesterday I was helping my parents finish cleaning up one of their rental houses for a new tenant. The previous one had pretty much trashed it and there was plenty to be done. As we closed in on the last of the work yesterday, Mother was telling me about how excited the new tenant was about the house.

Seems the woman was born with many birth defects and has required a great deal of surgeries. Many of the surgeries and defects have left her with very visable disfigurements, yet, she has the loveliest voice one can imagine, Mother said. This woman has met the man of her dreams and they are marrying and moving into the rental. And, she had big dreams for this little cottage -- a table here, flowers in the yard there, vegetables in the back. This was the home and life she had always dreamt of and doubted she would have.

As Mother talked, I thought about how fortunate we are that we all have another person who is meant just for us. And, I pondered a statement Mother made: "The tenant said she never thought she could have a home as nice as this one." That gave me pause. The house rents for very little, frankly, and is quite old -- at least 85 years old --- and had very little updates. While this can be charming, this house really needs a lot of love.

The floor plan is terrible; the floor dips in places in spite of being levelled recently; and, well, the bathroom could use a good gutting even though it is quite sizable with new fixtures and a ginormous porcelain tub. And, the carpets are new, the windows have been replaced, and the kitchen gets a huge amount of sunshine. But, personally, I would have to do a lot of cosmetic work to be satisfied .... until I was straightened out by a single sentence.

Then, I saw the house with new eyes.

I could see the quirkiness as charming and even the bathroom took on a quaintness that enchanted me. I wondered how many others had started there and birthed children and dreams together. In short, I had forgotten to count my own blessings until I had to realize what others saw as a blessing.

As I finished my painting, I did so with a conscious blessing for happiness as this new family begins in this house.

And, today, I gave my front door a kiss when I came in. Isn't home a blessing??


  1. What a nice post Matty! Seeing the world through others' eyes sure does make you take it less for granted.

  2. Oh, I pray I never take my home for granted. Thank you for this reminder. I am so blessed to have what I have and may I always remember it.

  3. I have thought that about our home. Although we once lived in a very large house which was beautiful (and in a "nice" neighborhood), God led us through some other rental places that were not so good.

    We even lived in a hotel room for a couple months during that time.

    So... when we looked at the place He had for us (this small-ish house in the country), it seemed BEAUTIFUL in our eyes.

    It is a cute house but no one had been interested in it before us, saying the kitchen was not updated and the master bath old, etc. I just saw everything as vintage! :)

  4. What a good reminder Matty not to take what we have for granted, it really made me stop a moment and think. It is a beautiful and meaningful story! Have a nice weekend. Delisa :)

  5. I really enjoyed your thoughts, Matty. They rang so true. I've been really focusing on building my appreciation for the "special" beauty in our little townhome; focusing on what we do have here, rather than what we don't have. So your post really hit home with me. Thanks!

    Hope spring has come to Lazy Bee Farm!


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