Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Down, but not out... yet...

My mother raised us to never give in to illness unless that seemed to be the only course open. Thus, following the guidance of my friend Betty Herbert, I get up and do what I love for 30 minutes. If, at the end of that time, I still feel that I can keep on with my favorite tasks, I must take up my bed and walk. In other words, if you can do your favorite things when you are sick, then you can do the not-so-favorite things as well. And so, I have.

Monsuier Wookie and I fought over the sofa yesterday and decided that if he wouldn't touch me, I wouldn't touch him, therefore, we both got our way. While on the sofa, I drowned my flu with cup after cup of tea and  Ricola cough drops while I reviewed the applications for the NEH Concord program I co-direct with Sterling Delano (he is so handsome!). We had another wonderful year of applications and, trust me, the process is tougher each year!

Then, I took a stroll through blogland and found some remarkable blogs and some very interesting ideas.

I love these:

Mia's blog is just plain eye candy for those of us who long for simpler days.

I always leave The Rhythm of Home inspired --- check out the lavendar drawer liners. I can see a bunch of these in my future!

Ravelry is a dangerous place for me to even log into. While in Florida, I discovered this lovely shawl. Some delicous Malibrigo came home with me to make this one.

And, of course, I visited all of you! What a fun way to spend my morning.

Last night, I carried the spinning wheel downstairs, gathered up my spinning chair, and filled 11/2 bobbins with some yummy hand dyed mohair (picture to come) and watched this:

Rebecca is one of my all time favorite books. I read it when I was 12 for the first time based on the recommendation of my Mother. Quickly, I devoured all the other Daphne DuMaurier books and still enjoy them from time to time. Come on, Manderly, Cornwall, Gothic landscapes?? Good stuff.

You know, come to think of it, maybe I like having the flu. It seems to me I had quite a good time.... cough cough.... Put the kettle on, won't you? I might just be here a while....


  1. You yourself have quite a lovely blog and I love it. Glad to hear you could accmplish all t you did. Hope you are back to normal as quickly as possible!

  2. I am sorry you are sick, I was raised the other way. If you feel unwell, crawl into bed with a good book and herb tea and tomarrow you will feel better. I LOVE Rebecca xoxo Clarice

  3. I just watched Rebecca this weekend. I love Daphne DuMaurier, and have read as many of her books as I can find. So many are out of print. I also love Jamaica Inn and My Cousin Rachel. Hope you are feeling better and will be back up to speed soon. Sounds like you got quite a bit accomplished even though you are not feeling well. I would love to learn how to spin one day. It is on my dream list. Delisa :)

  4. Praying for you my friend! I am loving that soap book you gifted me, I was hoping you came along with it :-)

  5. If it weren't for the sickness part, being sick can be fun, but I think you a right to get up and do something. Those were wonderful links. That shawl looks like a bit of a challenge. I'm knitting some socks with foxes on them that I promised Jamie. Finally found the right fox-colored sock yarn!

  6. I just keep saying I am NOT SICK!!


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