Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To Everything There Is A Season

and a time and purpose under heaven.... Ecclesiastes 3:1

November is the time of year that I feel as though I am going into hibernation. The gardens are to bed, cans are filled, the house is closed up, the fire lit, and soup is the meal of choice many nights. We had our first skiff of snow on Saturday, yet today, it is 70-degrees here at the farm. Where is fall? How can I even begin to think of Christmas when it is so warm?

Yet, think of it I must. The Airman will be in Japan next Christmas, so this year we are having the full blown out holiday. I have decided on a 'theme', if you will -- a natural, down-home holiday for our Airman. Roping for the porch has been ordered from my nephews' school which is raising money for a trip. Our farm grown mountain laurel has been appraised and deemed worthy of wreathmaking. And, I have scoped out the creeping cedar at the below-the-mountain farm for the mantel and house. All is in order and ready for gathering. I love it.

Inside the house we shall have at least three trees, all cut from our farm or the below-the-mountain farm. The living room one will be decorated with handmade ornaments, carefully gathered over the years while the upstairs landing will have the Airman's ornaments, purchased for him annually so that when he has a home one day he will have a tree of ornaments to begin homekeeping and family traditions. And, there shall be one other tree, maybe in the dining room or entry way that is filled with nothing more than hearts.

While I know the holiday is six weeks away, it does this heart good to think of how I will show my only child how very much I love him and will miss him.

We have many traditions in our home for each holiday. For the first snowfall we watch "The Snowman" and drink hot chocolate with a candy cane for stirring and lots of marshmallows floating on top. New Year's Eve finds us on the front porch  (usually wrapped in lots of wool) with the Mister blowing "Auld Lang Syne" on his very mellow, quite old, saxophone which echoes through the holler like a solemn harbinger of the bygone year's death. Easter delights us with naturally dyed Easter Eggs hidden by each of us for the others and then delicious hot cross buns to enjoy after the hunt. And, summer solistice brings us a bonfire with roasted vegan hot dogs and marshmallows cooked to perfection on apple sticks from our Virginia Beauty apple tree.

I look forward to each holiday, each tradition, with relish and joy. It gives us roots and brings us comfort as time slips past far too quickly. What holiday tradition do you enjoy most?


  1. Sounds like a great holiday will be spent at your house Matty:-) And I love the new picture!

  2. I like your holiday traditions........

    It's the traditions and the memories of them that add layers of beauty to each new season and holiday.

    Mom and I went for a browse through one of our greenhouses cum gift store... and we had a lovely time imagining what we could do with some of the beautiful Christmas baubles and decorations we ogled over.

  3. Merry Christmas, Matty!! Sounds like it will definitely be a Christmas to remember! Have fun!!!


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