Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rain, rain

Why is it that November rain is the dreariest of all rains?

It has rained here for two full days with no end in sight and I find myself cold, sad, and, well, just needing a shot of something more than coffee -- maybe sunshine or colour??

To cure my blues today I plan to do what I like most -- make myself a lovely pot of tea and snuggle up with a bit of knitting or tying flannel quilts.

There is also a huge need to haul box after box to the attic for storage. I have finally packed the last of the Airman's things and now face the daunting task of getting the attic rearranged so that his things are together, holidays are better sorted, out of season clothes are labeled and so forth. Word of advice: when a grown child wants to 'store a few things' remember that if said child has been on their own for more than five minutes and lived in the same place for seven minutes, you might lose control of at least one floor of your home! The Airman had a three bedroom house and, while he had cleared a lot, there is a still a lot to store. Fun times. Right.

Or, I might get myself together enough to finish grades and get things caught up so that next week I can play all week as we have Thanksgiving break. Or, I do have a craft show on Saturday. I could wrap soap and make a few sachets from my Weavette loom samples and some lavendar.

Gee.... I dunno.What should I do??

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  1. I vote to drink tea and knit! I know what you mean about the storing thing--having such a big barn everyone thinks its a storage place!!!


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