Saturday, November 27, 2010

All In Your Hand

Can you guess what came in this yesterday?

Getting closer....

A genuine, five-piece Hollywood Loom!
Made in 1936, the instructions state:
"Weave in your hand!
Blouses, hats, purses, afghans can all be woven right in your hand!"

This is what was made... lavendar sachets!
They are going in the Etsy shop for Christmas presents.
Talk about delicious!

One of the things I loved most about the package was the lovely note inserted from the seller. There is nothing quite like a handwritten note, is there? Can you remember waiting for the  mail and hoping something would be there for you? I had penpals all over the country and looked forward to seeing the stamps and postmarks.

As a scholar, I regret we are going to more electronic communication. How will we ever know what folks were thinking and writing in 100 years? My friend Corrie writes me letters even though we live just a few miles apart. As a seven-year-old, she loves the process of writing, stamping, and mailing the letter. As a 55-year-old, I love getting 'em!

Do you write letters? 


  1. I like getting mail other than bills! But my handwriting had become atrocious
    ....maybe because we hand-write so little these days?
    Oh to slow this world down!!

  2. Neat little handloom! I handwrite to certain family members occasionally. But most of the time its email...

  3. I live for mail - I write about 10 times as much as I receive, but I have several penpals that still write "snail-mail" instead of email. 2 of my penpals are in their 80's!

    I remember using small looms like that when I was a child. My grandmother made 2 blankets from them - small "potholders" made from wool, and stitched together. I can't imagine the amount of work it took, but I treasure the blankets I inherited.

    -Connie in San Diego


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