Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Things I am thankful for:

1. The Airman is stateside this year.
2. My home and family.
3.  No blackpowder shot turkey this year.
4. Not cooking for 12 people.
5. Sunshine on Thanksgiving!
6. The new Hardy stove has proven a winner!
7. There will be TWO kinds of potatoes at lunch tomorrow.
8. The ability to share with others.
9. The Thanksgiving Tea that Corrie, Joshua, and new baby Isaac have prepared for this morning.
10. All you wonderful folks who take the time to share your day with me!

Have a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving! And be grateful you aren't in an airport somewhere getting to know your new best friend up close and personal!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving............

    On my gratitude list, I've got you on it, Matty! I'm thankful our paths have crossed. You add a certain joy in my life!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Matty, I am thankful for kindered spirits like you xoxoox Clarice


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