Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall in a jar

When my classes read Emerson's "Nature" they have a "Transcendental Musings" assignment to complete. In short, they are to take 15 minutes in nature, no electronics of any kind and no company, and do something that is 1) creative and 2) reflects the Transcendental spirit and 3) Emerson's ideas in the essay.

Frankly, I have had some very stellar submissions -- art, music, poetry, photography, collages, you name it and I have seen and enjoyed it.

But this lovely arrangement took the cake for me. Ms. Jocelyn was inspiring in her use of all natural components. To be honest, I wanted to rip it from her hands and run down the hallway crying, "My Precious!" But, I couldn't be so cruel when I saw how proud she was (rightfully so!) of her project.

Click on the picture to embiggen it. You won't believe all the wonderous things this talented young lady put into her project -- leaves, nest, berries, feathers, weeds, ferns, and even hay. Breathtaking!

I asked her permission to share this with you as it is so completely wonderful! Don't you agree? 


  1. I loooove it! And LOL @ the MY Precious!! That was to funny.

  2. Now that's making the most of the project... and the jar! Love it, the arrangement is gorgeous.

  3. All the bits make such a grand statement of the book! Bravo!

  4. This is cool, love the nest in the jar!! Clarice


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