Friday, November 26, 2010

Make Mine Pink

 On the loom are more tea towels. I can't get enough of this warping. There is one warp and five towels that one can weave from it. It is a winner for me  because I don't like to warp alone. I end up with loose threads and then have to add weights to pull the tension correctly. This is a grey Irish 10/2 linen. I have one towel done and four to go! I love love love hemstitching! It was always my favorite when I was crosstitching samplers and I jump at the chance to do it.

 One of the hazards of knitting for a child is that they grow so doggone fast! Corrie and Joshua ordered blue socks, but it took me a little longer than usual to finish them. When I took them over Wednesday for our tea party, neither fit. But, Joshua could wear Corrie's socks, so I just owe Miss Corrie a pair. She looked over the blue and said, "I am over my blue streak; I'd like pink now, please." This is the first sock, CO48, k2p2 for 1-1/2 inches, then stockinette as long as you like. I love turning the heels, so this has been a quick and fun knit. I even worked on it between lunch and dessert yesterday!
How about a blast from the past?? This hand-pieced quilt was started in, a-hem, 1991, when I was pregnant with Marc Andrew. When he died in utero, the quilt was put away and never finished. It is time to close that door and so I have decided to finish the lap quilt joining on the back. It will go fast as it is a baby quilt and only nine blocks, plus the binding. I am working on it when my hands are tied of knitting (rarely) or my back from weaving (more often). Since I grabbed a bale of hay wrong yesterday, I am more than a little back sore today, so moving between projects (no, it is not ADD, I promise! LOL) is a good thing.

What are you doing today??


  1. I love the little lap quilt, Matty - and such a special quilt for you, too. Lots of love in those little stitches.

    My goal this winter is to learn to knit socks. They just look so darn fun!

  2. I think you should! They are lots of fun!


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