Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Day Musings -- Get Your Head Out Of The Sand!

This is what was said to me on Wednesday and I am still trying to get over it. Let me back up.

A colleague asked me what I thought when I watched the election returns on Tuesday night.

"I didn't," I replied. "We have disconnected our TV."

If I had said that shooting annoying students were socially acceptable, I wouldn't have met with the rant that followed.

"You WHAT?? Now, listen, Matty, you have to get your head out of the sand! You can't live your life ignoring the world! You have to pay attention to what is going on in the world! I can't believe this! You turned off your TV?? You didn't watch the returns? You are just like the girl I talked to at Sheetz this morning. She said she didn't vote because it was all in God's hand anyhow! How can anyone be so stupid??"

I leave you to fill in what she had to say about this. Frankly, I get angry thinking about it.

"We don't have our head in the sand. We are very aware of what is going on in our world. We just have alternative means of learning about it...."  However, my attempted response was interrupted by more rant.

I gave up and just let her rave until she left my office door and began another rant with another colleague about my choices and then about Bristol Palin's dancing. Are the two ideas related??? I was and am confused.

So, dear ones, I ask you: Who died and left her in charge? Or, for that matter, anyone in charge of my life and my choices?

Please understand. I am not self-righteous. Frankly, I am far from it. I am puzzled. I know we live a different kind of life. I know that we are moving more and more to removing ourselves from the silliness that often surrounds us. And, I know that we are considered "odd" by our colleagues at work. But, it is our life. And, it is our choices. What is right for us isn't right for others. We are unique snowflakes and should be respected as such. To be completely honest, I am finally living the life I wanted when I was 20; it is my greatest sadness that I have more life behind me than in front of me in which to do it.

We pack our lunches, often vegetarian; we wear older clothes (they are clean, neat, and in good repair); we drive ten year old, paid for, cars; we read good fiction and our Bibles; we like to work with our hands; we live in a century old house that has very little updates; and we love our farm. Our evening entertainment includes stars, watching the fire, and conversation. And, we have a few friends who share our loves. It is a good life.

I guess the whole point of my ramblings today is the lack of acceptance or understanding of others' lifestyles and choices. What one chooses should be of no consequence to others if it doesn't impact them. Please don't judge me on what I do or don't have. We are blessed fully and richly with what we want and need. I don't care if there are people who want a McMansion or drive a new car every year. That is their path. Just please don't tell me who I am based on what you think I am.

My favorite Emerson quote is this:

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."



  1. Amen, indeed!!!!!

    To be myself is something I struggle with daily and wish I were as far as long as you are Matty. Your post was very inspiring.

  2. Amen, dear friend. I was reading your "way of life" and thinking well that sounds like us! I think that our way of life is perfect and no one should have any say in it...we are wise women who have talked the talk and walked the it what you want but we are who we are, and that is darn wonderful...towanda!
    Love you dear friend
    Ma TK

  3. Stephanie and her hubby do not have TV, either. They did purchase a device that lets them get Netflix on demand but otherwise they canceled the cable when their oldest was around three or four... the commercials were getting too bad for kids to watch.

    I noticed when we were there that they often had music in the background, they get football games on the radio when her hubby wants to hear them, and they have a library of good quality kid's DVDs for those times she needs time to work. Of course, there are lots of books.

    In this age of the Internet, one can get more information about anything than they desire without TV.

    I do have Direct TV and admit to enjoying cooking shows but in the long run could do without it. However, with hubby being bipolar, he needs to be able to take mental vacations and Chicago sports does that (for better or worse).

    It is a sad comment on society when people feel TV is that important and to be without it makes one odd.

  4. LOL Wow! Dont you just love it when people think because you dont have a TV or something else they consider odd that you are some how uninformed about the world around you??
    I would LOVE to be with out a TV. We didnt have one when the girls were little. But my husband likes his TV alot..I get disgusted with some of the things on there but the 3 PBS channels are our main channels. Summer time it goes days without being turned on. It sees more time in the cold months..
    We drive a slightly newer paid for Salvage title Van and truck. I cant bring myself to pay more than $2000 for a vehicle. Not when I have a couple of mechanics in the family that can fix them IF/When they have problems.
    But when people find out we homeschool And raise goats.. Well some people look at us like we grew 2 heads! Homeschooling is getting more common but I ran into more narrow minds the other day.. I just keep smiling with a msile that says.. Its Our life not yours and I am NOT judging you.. Or at least thats what I hope it says and not what I am thinking when they say but homeschooler have so many problems with socailization!Lol.. I have Met ONE family in 8 years that the kids may have a problem with socialization but not all of the kids were like that so it may have been the individual kid.. I was in public school and was still so shy its was painfully so. But I grew out of it and my girls didnt have Near the problem I did..
    Anyway... I said all this to say this...I understand...Lol

  5. I absolutely, totally understand and good of you for now giving her a shellacking in the process!
    We still have a TV which is on far less than it use to be (I like watching Last American Cowboy!). When the children were younger and home we did without one for many years and none of them are lacking any social skills. SHoot I HAD a TV growing up and I lacked social skills!
    As I look back on that, that wasn't such a bad thing......
    Seriously, those "housewife" shows...really? What a bunch get off the soapbox and get my chores done :)
    So my motto is, "Live your life as you choose. You only get a chance at it once and you alone will have to answer for it. Be ready to give an answer that will not make you ashamed."
    Thank goodness for forgiveness! Phew!!
    Pretty simple way to live, doncha think?

  6. *that should be "for NOT giving her a shellacking".
    Sorry, teacher, for not proofreading my comment first :(
    But, HEY! Google Chrome is letting me leave comments now!! Wowzers! Such happiness in my lil bloggin' heart!

  7. I always find that those who are the most ignorant shout the loudest:-)

  8. I feel sad that I can't "discuss" politics with friends, simply because it immediately becomes a personal attack if you don't believe the same things. I rarely turn on my TV, although my choices aren't necessarily the best when it is on, but I prefer to read. Intolerance for different beliefs & opinions seems to be rampant (and rampaging, as seen by your experience).
    Blessings . . .
    Connie in San Diego


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