Monday, November 22, 2010

God Makes Me Laugh!

The final tally:
18 hats, 1 vest, 3 scarves, 7 hand-tied blankets, 2 prs. hand knit mittens,
3 hoodies, 2 prs. of socks, and 20 pairs of bought gloves
for a total of 54 pieces.
Wookie is trying to figure out which pile he wants to wallow one more time....

The charity knitting goal this year was 55 pieces. I have 36 knitted items and, as I had permission to add the 20 bought gloves, I am over the goal! Yah! Now, let me tell you how funny God is.

My selected group was the Santa Train. I love love love the story of the train and wanted to really participate. But, would you believe I discovered this morning that I had overlooked the delivery date by one week? And, would you believe that today I met a woman who feeds and serves the homeless in the next county below the mountain? She told me of the families, yes FAMILIES, who are living along the Yadkin River in boxes or tents. It broke my heart.

Then, a little voice in me said, "So, you see why you missed the date? Give them to her."

And, I did.

I am so giddy with happiness that these things are going to someone who needs them. And, my friend Vicky, who was crocheting for the train with me, is sending afghans, laprobes, and scarves with me. And, a box of sweatshirts that were too small for her sister-in-love and have just been waiting to go to the homeless shelter somewhere is now snug in my car as well.

The dear lady and I were talking today and she said, "God just had you there waiting for me." I think it was the other way around. Either way, it is just as it should be.  


  1. Wow ... that is so awesome. Isn't it cool how God has the plan all worked out and we only have to recognize when it's our turn to participate in the plan. I'm sure He's smiling about your gifts.

  2. I love how that all worked out Matty! There is always a plan when God is involved and most often it isn't the same as ours - it's better!!

    Love your blankets and hats; you have been busy!!

    And thanks again for inspiring me to take on a challenge. It was fun!

  3. Matty, I just love hearing how the Lord works in our lives! That is wonderful your handmade will go to those who really need it. And what an impressive haul you managed...LOL!

  4. Hello Matty! Goodness it has been a long time. That was a massive amount of knitting you did. I'm sure it will make someone's Christmas a little more merry. Just learned that lesson recently about trusting the Lord when I sent out a huge certified check to pay off my mortgage. Worried myself sick that it would arrive safely. Ran told me to trust in the Lord, to which I replied, "Oh I trust in the Lord, it's the U.S. Post Office that has me worried".



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