Friday, March 12, 2010


So, to overcome my fascinating Thursday morning, Peg takes me to Sagebrush for lunch. As we are sitting there talking, a group of people come in. I realize they are dressed in habits, wimples, tunics, and cowls. This is not unusual to me. Mother attended a Catholic nursing school and, even though we are not Catholic, I have been around nuns and priests dressed in traditional garments. I rather like the tradition of it all.

However, as one of the monks walked past, I realized something very odd. Between his girdle and rosary, you guessed it, was a cell phone.

The incongruity of it all nearly reduced me to giggles. I guess no one is immune to technology, eh?


  1. LOL!
    Last spring I was at the outlet stores and had to stop and stare..and then laugh....a Mennonite husband and wife, eating Taco Bell and he had a Bluetooth device in his ear and was jabbering away!!

  2. Wow, I really do need to get up to speed if Monks are now wearing cell phones. Mine is usually buried in my purse and most often, OFF. (-:


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