Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Day Musings, Update

Never doubt the power of prayer and friends. Moose is much better and, with his appreciation deepened for pain meds and cheese, is up and moving around quite well. He has enjoyed a bevy of visitors and "presents." Both of these make us realize how many truly kind and loving people there are. Don remarked yesterday that Moose had more visits than he did when a dog ran into the bike and Don was out of work for six weeks!

This leads me to reflect on that whole silent majority concept. We aren't silent; we are just living our lives in the best possible way. We are trying to love and encourage each other. We are not being loud or obnoxious. We are just living. I guess that is why we are so easy to overlook.

However, let us get our ire on and we can be a force to reckon with. You have seen it happen. Let there be a wrong somewhere and folks try to make it right. They give, work, pray, and love miracles into being. We fight for what is right and try to love the often unlovable. We are far from silent!

These day, folks, we need this silent majority more than ever. We need to love, encourage, and, most of all, pray for each other. Show love to others in little ways --- letting a car into line, picking up a dropped item for a person, give up your place in line for the mother with babies, say a prayer for the cashier who has been working seven hours with one break, and, always, smile and say something pleasant even to the most unpleasant. The world has become increasingly uncivil. Let's take it back.


  1. Dee from Tennessee

    Great insight. And very thankful that Moose is better. I discussed this with my husband yest; I just find it so hard to comprehend what some people will do.

    Enjoy your blog so much!

  2. "We need to love, encourage, and, most of all, pray for each other. Show love to others in little ways --- "

    Such a good reminder Matty - especially showing the small kindesses that are often easiest to forget in our busy day. You just never know what a simple kind word or deed might mean to someone.

    Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota. The last bit of snow in our yard melted yesterday. Hope you're having wonderful weather too, on the Lazy Bee Farm!



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