Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Don's dad is 85 this weekend! He is a fine fella --- Air Force pilot in WWII, retired from TWO careers, raised and college educated five children, married nearly 60 years to the same fabulous woman (who, I am positive, made him the man he is!), pipe smoker extraordinaire, and wickedly funny. Demanding, hard-working, saving, and ferociously devoted to his family, he is one of the "Greatest Generation."

It is my good fortune to have married his son who is just as fine a man as he is.

Happy Birthday, Mr. E!


  1. Lucky you, Matty!!

    Happy Birthday Mr. E and many happy returns!!

  2. a very happy birthday Mr.E!!
    any man who smokes a pipe is an extrordinary gentleman indeed!


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