Friday, March 26, 2010

Animal Cruelty

A speeding white pick-up truck hit Moose deliberately yesterday and then left him to die. He didn't. He will be an indoor dog for a quite a while, but he will live. Given the tough life our little guy had before coming here, this is God's blessing -- that he will be okay.

However, the people who hit him won't.

Although they didn't stop or take responsibility for targeting him, they will have consequences beyond a damaged truck fender. Her mother called me last night and told me the story and urged me to make the adult child take responsibility for her actions. The young woman has done prison time and, apparently, continues to make poor choices. The young man has done the same.

When I tried to talk with the pair, they were verbally abusive and made more threats to me and the dog. According to the police, though, the threats aren't enough to warrant charges. So, now, we will have to wait and see if these people are going to follow through on their threats.

The consequences? I am a firm believer in karma. I believe that what one does brings certain results. While these results might take a while to come, they do. In short, I believe that God does "care for the bird of the air" and all other creatures. And, I believe that there is special punishment for those who abuse or hurt an animal.

In North Carolina, there is a movement to pass Susie's Law which will take animal abuse laws penalties to a new level. It is a fine law and deserves full support from every North Carolinian. Indeed, every state should have a similar law on their books.

Our first parents were charged with carrying for the Garden He made and placed them in. They were given "dominion" over all creation, making them partners with their Creator in caring for his creatures. We still have this responsibility. All creatures are entitled to kindness and care. It is the manifestation of our humanity. If we stop this, what will be next? Our aging parents? Or children? The chronically ill?

I know full well that accidents happen. I have hit rabbits on the road. It makes me cry, but sometimes it can't be helped. However, to target an animal and make it a point to injury or kill it -- that is inhumane and despicable.


  1. I do hope they get what is coming to them,that is just plain crue:-(

  2. I believe there is a lot of evidence that people who go on to kill other people started by feeling no remorse in purposely killing animals.

  3. Oh Matty, I'm so sorry about this! I'm sending prayers for healing for everyone involved but especially for Moose!

    Take care,

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh.... I am so sorry to hear about Moose. Makes my heart hurt. Sending him little furry hugs for speedy recovery and no backlash of shock or trauma.

    As Sandy says, everyone in this situation needs prayers for healing, including the hearts of those who think purposely injuring a living creature is fun and okay.

  5. oh matty I am SO sorry!
    Your safety and Moose' healing are in my prayers.
    As for the couple who hit him?
    I pray that God will use your testimony to make them see their need for the Savior.
    Isn't that the ultimate goal of our being left on this earth?
    When he's feelin' better, give Moose a nuzzle for me...maybe I should send him some homemade doggie treats?!


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