Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't Drink Too Much Water!

Adding a few glasses of water to my regime seemed like a good idea. Until this afternoon.

After a lovely lunch with Pegs, I still faced an hour drive home. So, to ensure that all would go well, I made a pit stop before leaving the restaurant. But, as all of us over 50 can attest, that isn't dependable "insurance." By the time I got home, I was rather desperate.

It has snowed and rained today, so the yard was wet and I was in heels. Barely getting the door open, I flung my coat on the desk, stepped over Wookie and fairly flew to the little farmer's room. The next thing I knew, I was wedged between the toilet and tub, my right knee was under me and the left leg was part of the puzzle that formed my prison between two of my favorite fixtures in the house.

"What the heck??" I thought, which was followed by, "How the heck..."

I was stumped. How to get up? Now let's not even think about the fact that I was feeling a great deal of pain in both legs. And, let's not forget that I alternated between weeping and giggling. I just knew I didn't want Don to find me stuck. That would be more than I could bear.

Finally, I managed to wiggle my legs behind me and pushed myself up.

"That was fun, not!" I laughed.

Then, I realized I no longer needed to potty, but I did need to mop.

Ah, the joys of trying to keep fit....


  1. Totally lol!! - and not at you but with you!! I can so relate - maybe not to your specific "tight spot" - but to the urgency! Been there way too many times.

  2. I think you need to write a book...LOL!

  3. Oh...ok...I have stopped laughing now...maybe...
    nice to know that you're still flexible, right?!


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