Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UPS Stinks

It started with a loom being dropped in my front yard, in assorted boxes, in assorted states of destruction. Parts were missing or destroyed. Three of the four harnesses were broken. The post AND pest were split. Five of the bolts survived the shipping from New Hampshire. More than 85% of the heddles were bent beyond use.

It took five months and Don locking the front door and taking my car keys on more than one occassion before the claim was resolved and the loom was finally servicable.

I have been pretty successful in avoiding UPS until two weeks ago. In a moment of optimistic reconcilation, I opted to ship $100 worth of books to TX. They have not arrived and the tracking number, according to UPS and all their infinite wisdom and dependability, doesn't exist.

Mother says that we shouldn't hate anything or anyone. She's wrong.


  1. How frustrating! I never use UPS either. The good old postal service or FedEx have been reliable for me:-)

  2. One time I received a package with tire tracks across it! It was marked fragile. The gal at the post office didn't even blink when she handed it to me.I love our UPS here though. I've become acquainted with the gal and she has corgis too. In our little village you become friends with the people that bring you a bit of the outside world. Happy St. Paddy's Day!


  3. I have never had a problem with any of them.. But Wow what a mess for you! How aggravating I would be ticked off too.


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