Thursday, March 25, 2010

"There's a Troll in the Closet!"

My sister works with a woman whose dearest friend has a 20-something son with a slight mental disability. The young man is charming, sweet, hard-working, and very kind. However, he did something the other day that had us in the floor.

The phone rang at his mother's work.

"Mom, there's a troll in the closet," he said.

"Turn off the TV. You have scared yourself. Go outside and clean the barn and quit watching TV," she replied.

"Yes, Mom."

An hour later:

"Mom, that troll in the closet is making a terrible noise," he began.

"What did I tell you, son? Turn off the TV and get the farm chores done!" she scolded.

"Yes, Mom."

An hour later:

"Mom, I think the troll is dead. It is very quiet."

"I am coming home and we are going to settle this, son. There is no such thing as trolls. You know that. I'll be home in ten minutes. Be outside waiting on me."

When she arrived home, he was waiting dutifully outside.

"Now, show me your troll," Mom insisted.

Into the house they went. As she closed the front door she heard:

"Help! Let me out! Helllllpppp!!!"

Rushing to the closet, she opened the door and out came a very petite man. He had been taking tracts door-to-door when he was "caught" and locked in the closet. The son had never seen a petite man before and, when he opened the door, he was scared of the man. Of course, it didn't help that the man walked right into the house without an invitation and scared the young man more.

In the end, fortunately, the "troll" was very kind and understood the young man meant no harm. All the same, I think he may be a Lutheran today....


    Maybe NEXT TIME the guy will wait to be invited in....that is, if he's still "in the business"!
    That's SO funny!!

  2. toooooooo funny! Now not being of Lutheran persuasion (although I love Martin Luther), I'm in the dark about what would make this 'troll' a Lutheran today. Is it an insider joke? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I just saw your notice on the side about your March toss/giveaway. I like it. I wish I'd have done that.... it's been a great toss/giveaway time around this house this month.

    BTW, I enjoy watching your progress in your Santa Train project. I sigh on the inside that I'm not a knitter... I've tried a few times and it doesn't flow at all. So I enjoy the endeavours of other avid knitters.

  3. No inside joke here except we have a lot of Lutheran friends. They are not door knocker kinds of folks, so it just seemed to be a funny choice for him to convert to after this experience.


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