Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love road trips for the unexpected things one finds along the ways. While the Mister is home keeping the home fires burning and the goats in the pasture, I had three unexpected giggles today.

1) Truck parked on the side of the road in PA. that had "Get rid of arrogance! Toss out the incumbents!" painted in red, white, and blue along the side in huge capital letters.

2) A truck rolling down the CT highway which had "Kane -- we are able!" painted on the tailgate as a slogan.

3) All along the highway in NY and CT are signs which state: "Use of hand held phone prohibited." I was passed twice by State Highway Patrolmen using cell phones.

Doncha love travel??


  1. I was just gonna say -- doncha just love? And there you said!!

    I love fun stuff like that popping up in unexpected places.

  2. oh, yeah! makes you chuckle...well, except for seeing them on their cellphones...I think I am only one of a handful of folks who pull over to answer the phone.
    BigD is on his way home, his 12 hour shift over, things are quite...for now. Thanks for thinking of them while you were off and runnin', getting your chuckles along the interstate!

  3. Yes, I do love road trips. So much to see and enjoy! Have fun!

  4. I get to take a road trip this weekend. I havent been more than an hour away for a very long time. So it will be fun!


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