Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life's Weird

I am home from Mass. after being called to come home early as Daddy had a serious relapse. He was in ICU for three days, but is better now and home.

I slept 19 hours.

The heater is still not installed.

All the furniture in my house is pulled away from the walls because the radiators aren't installed completely either. The sofa is snuggled up to the coffee table so that you have to walk around the sofa and step into it if you want to sit down.

My tomatoes are ten feet tall. And horizontal. Someone (uh-hum, Don) didn't get them staked while I was gone.

The pumpkins and winter squash have an uncanny resemblance to Audrey II and I am getting nervous.

The house has an odd smell. It is coming from the pantry. I think I need safety gear before I dive in and see what it is. Potato? Onion?

I have washed the same load of clothes twice. Every time they are ready to hang on the line, it rains. Running the dryer makes me sweat more. Perhaps the clothes will wear out from washing and I can just throw them out and not worry about ever drying them.

It is good to be home. I think.


  1. Hehehe, sometimes it is good to get home but there are those times when you remember why it was nice to stay in a hotel (almost like having a maid!).

    I guess it is all the heat and humidity but my garden is growing like something from a sci-fi movie. Normally my tomatoes do fine in tomato cages but they're so big, they are bent over in the middle and heading down the rows between the raised bed. Where they are meeting up with the baby melon vines from Venus.

  2. I had let my tomoates jus tgrow one year and its wasnt to bad. Lost a few here and there but got an abundant crop.. SO I thought I would do it again... Umm 10 feet tall horizontal is putting it lightly.. They are trying to grow into the goat pasture but keep fitting the Electric fence and frying off. Plus there is a Volunteer Pumpkin in there and that went Jolly Green Giant on me!! I tried running a rope under oneside and gently lifting and they have rebelled against and slide under it.. SO MANY Tomatoes and I have got to figure out something!
    Welcome Home!!!

  3. Thanks, fellow gardeners! Isn't it fun to see how huge things will grow!??? I love volunteer veggies, don't you??

  4. Matty, we're glad to have you back.... hope it won't be too hard to discover the culprit in the pantry. Do you think you need a gas mask?

    Happy to hear your daddy is better and home.



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