Friday, July 30, 2010

Lift off!

We have heat.

Lots of heat.

Hot water kind of heat.

Getting the whole house snuggly heat.

Heat that will make me smile in about, oh, eight weeks. It is good.

Now the bad...

My house is completely wrecked. I mean, C O M P L E T E L Y..... It is hard to think with everything so tossed about and out of order. Are you that way?

What is it about order that makes our brains twitch when things are not as we like??? Why are some of us born organized and others, like me, struggle with it every day?? And why are there still others who don't even realize there is a verb "organize"?

I confess. I organize my herbs in alphabetical order. My yarn is sorted by weight, colour, and make. Open the closet and you will find clothes sorted by colour and type. Knitting needles are bundled by size, length, and type. It is sick.

And so, whilst I am thrilled beyond all words to have central heat (who'd've thunk it??), I am overwhelmed by the restoration of order.

May I have cheese with my wine??


  1. HERBS in Alphabetical order??? You wanna come practice getting things in order here then go home when you have it perfected??LOL
    I was NOT born organized the normal way much to my moms disappointment!lol She is borderline OCD so is my brother.. My dad not so much!Lol I took after him..
    But they still love me.. I just get a little discouraged when I see my Organized piles.
    Anyway Congrats on the new heat I am sure it will be back in order soon!

  2. You know what it is very hard to be cheery in that kind of heat. Hang in there. Clarice


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