Friday, July 9, 2010


Advice for road trips:

1) Never drink more than two cups of coffee at lunch unless you are going to be near, I mean NEAR, a bathroom if you are over 50.

2) Never get the biggest cookie in the jar if you are out of cookie training at Helen's.

3) Avoid eating all your favorite road trip foods in one day. It doesn't end well.

4) Be sure to treat all service staff with kindness as they DO remember you!


5) Always buy flowers for your room the FIRST day so you can make it seem like home.

Added later: Favorite foods are: Raspberry Lime Rickey (no surprise there), Mesclun salad with grape tomatoes and goat cheese, Sorrento's veggie pizza, and Helen's chocolate chip cookies. Tomorrow? Main Street Deli for a smoothie! LOL Oh, and Sunday, Bedford Ice Cream -- rocky road or tuttie fruitie.... This is really sad, isn't it?? When I walked into Helen's tonight, after a year's absence, they knew just what to fix for my drink and handed me a cookie and welcomed me back.... giggle....


  1. Matty, I'll be sure to keep those in mind. I especially like your flower idea... never thought of that, but what a lovely way to make the room homey.

    Had to chuckle at #3.....inquiring minds want to know all those favorite road trip foods that were consumed in one day......... wanna see if we share similar tastes!

  2. I, too, love the flower idea! What a great idea!

    One summer, my sister and I drove to Breckenridge CO. We enjoyed Pork Rinds and Root Beer the entire trip. - Haven't had that combo since - but it sure is a good memory!

  3. Over 50?? Heck you shouldnt do that is you are over 30 and had babies... Let alone sneeze or cough!LOL
    We always get junk food when on a trip them I wonder why I am swelling up like a balloon.... I blameit on the riding and not moving around much....Not all the bad stuff we are eating and drinking..

  4. I'd like to travel with you any day! I love road trip food..but then I don't do road trips but once every few years!
    Have a grest weekend and thsnks bunches for keeping in touch, you are a blessing to my heart!
    And I am going to ingrediants for a Lime Raspberry Rickey today!!


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