Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Am I the only person who starts packing for a trip a week beforehand?? I wonder, too, if I am the only person who loves the idea of traveling more than the actual doing....

We are in countdown mode for my trip and, frankly, I have fears that I will end up in some hotel room along the way and discover I have no drawers or, as some call 'em, panties. Isn't that a silly fear? Yet, it is the one thing that I worry over and check again and again. Perhaps it is because I was marked 40-plus years ago in a motel in West Virginia when Mother discovered she hadn't packed any and had to hand wash her only pair every night for a week. I don't know, but it is truly one of the biggest concerns I have!

My other concerns, however, are for the farm and my critters. The Mister is good to them, make no mistake, but he isn't very engaged in the farming aspects of the household. Actually, he isn't very involved in much of anything on the place unless there is a specific request. The thought of being gone has left me frantically trying to get things 'caught up' until I get home.

There is the laundry, housework, weeding, yard mowing, hoof trimming (all 12 goats!), shots (it is CDT time -- all 12), feed to pick up, bills to pay, trash to haul, canning, farmer's market, soap to make so it can dry, and the other thousand things I have forgotten. I have made sure my will is current, the bank account is balanced, and phone numbers are where he can find them.

And what has made me laugh is that the Mister plans to take vacation while I am gone because "he can't do it all and work!" Isn't that a hoot??

Am I done? Nopers. Thursday afternoon, as I reach Scranton, I will remember something else I have to do and didn't! Don't you just love travelling??

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  1. Matty.....where will you be? really will you be close to me? oh pleeeaaase come to my home for dinner :)

    lemme know, bee lady
    love ya


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