Saturday, July 3, 2010


Dear Person In Charge,

My deepest appreciation for the lovely, cool, less humid weather you have sent our way these past few days. It has been refreshing to:

1) Take a shower and be able to dry myself;
2) Be able to breathe when I go outside;
3) Watch the dogs, especially Moose, chase cars again and stop traffic (I find this sadly amusing);
4) Sleep with a sheet over me again;
5) Watch the does skip and play in the pasture;
6) Have more than two eggs from the hens and they are not fried!;
7) See the kitties actually move; I was getting tired of rushing out to check them because I thought they had died from heat exhaustion when they hadn't moved for so long during our heat wave;


8) Be able to walk without getting blisters where my thighs rub!

Your kindness is deeply appreciated and I will remember this respite during the dog days.

Your best buddy,


P.S. I have decided to keep using the medicated powder. I kinda like the challenge of safely using it!


  1. Well this week it will be my turn to complain about humidity! Did you send it up here or something...LOL! happy 4th

  2. Oh dear! Don't let it stay! I'll be in your part of the world in four days! Cool weather, PLEASE!! LOL


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