Saturday, July 10, 2010

How do you save on vacation?

While this is a business trip, (truly it is!), I still look for ways to save a little money. Here are my top five ways for today:

1) Go to the grocery store. I buy peanut butter, bread, instant Kashi cereals, milk, yogurt, and fruit. It is light and portable. And, if I didn't have a refrigerator (I have a dorm size one here), I could still keep this safely in my cooler and room.

2) Walk more. Everything we have to do is within a one mile radius, so I try to walk as much as I can to save on gas. Since the traffic is terrible, it really saves me time as well.

3) Visit free museums, walk around town, people watch. Many state parks are currently promoting free days. Going online to your state tourism site or state museum site will help you identify which ones are free when. This is so fun because you might go to a museum or visit something that you ordinarily wouldn't do!

4) Always eat the complementary breakfast and take a snack. After I have a pleasant breakfast with fellow travelers, I usually grab a piece of fruit and a muffin to take with me. I also take my travel mug with me and prepare another cup of coffee or tea for the road. Many hotels have a "breakfast to go" which is also complementary. I picked up a really nice one in Sturbridge that became my lunch and a snack later in the day. It even had water in it!

5) Take a few minutes to check the newspaper in the hotel. Often you will findfree entertainment such as local musicians performing, art exhibits at libraries, book store readings, or evening concerts. This week I am going to a book reading at the local bookstore, to hear a 'jug band' at the state park, and to the lounge to enjoy a jazz band. Each of these are free and will give me a chance to enjoy local colour. Fun stuff!

These days we are all stretching money as far as it can go. But, this doesn't mean that we have to compromise our fun. Rather, it can be fun to find new ways to have a good time. Believe me, I plan to enjoy my fruit, peanut butter sandwich, and tea picnic at the concert tomorrow and relish in the thought that it is all free!

How do you save money on vacation??

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  1. Were you in Sturbridge, Mass.? One of my very favorite places!!!

    When we are traveling and not staying at hotels that have breakfast, we eat breakfast out since it is often the cheapest.

    Otherwise we will eat the free breakfast at a hotel, stop for a late lunch at a restaurant (cheaper than dinner) and then eat just fruit and cheese or something similar at the hotel at night.


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