Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last night I had a very long, pleasant instant message conversation with He Who Didn't Know Me. He did remember me, just not by my name now. So funny.

As we talked, I thought about all the choices we make in our life. One seemingly small thing adds up to a very big thing over time. It is like saving money. Buy the latte or not? Spend $8 a day on something for two years and you have spent nearly $6000. Or, save it for two years and in a few years you have some serious money.

I sat up late after we talked, reading my devotional for the night (Luke 8 -- Jesus resurrecting Jairus' daughter). In the story, you recall, Jesus is asked by Jairus to come help his sick daughter. When they are still traveling, word is received that the daughter was dead. Jesus continues and restores her life, instructing the family to feed her and not tell what happened.

This speaks to me deeply.

First, Jairus' faith that Jesus could help. How many times have we had it in our power to help another? And, how many times have we needed help and wouldn't ask? One of the greatest joys we should have in life is supporting others and watching them grow and change. It isn't weak to seek support and encouragement. It is brave to be able to say, "I can't do this alone."

Second, when all seems lost and the child is dead, Jesus and Jairus continued on. How many times have we given up when maybe we shouldn't have? I know here on Lazy Bee Farm, I had given up ever doing more than feeding the deer. However, two years ago, I got a fire in me and decided to give it a go. Every day, progress is made. And, sometimes, there is a failure. However, I can't wait to see what next year brings regardless of the loss!

Third, when the daughter was resurrected, Jesus instructed Jairus to feed the girl. Nourishment of all kinds is restorative. While our bodies need a variety of foods, so do our brains. Chip Ingram has said a life lived in front of the TV watching reality programs is not a life. And, by the way, the reality program isn't reality. We need to feed ourselves nourishing foods that make us better, not make us sick, physically or mentally.

And last, Jairus was told to keep the news to himself. There is power and energy in not telling all we know. Practice discernment when telling information. Make sure it isn't gossip. We should ask, "Is this going to help or hurt that person?"

I started by mentioning how my devotion connected with my interesting conversation. While our relationship was torrid, many good things came from it. Without it, I would not have become who I am and would not know this life's happiness. I am grateful for the experience and grateful that 30-plus years later, I can truthfully say, I am glad we knew each other.


  1. Isn't it amazing how God weaves all of our life together?

    I have a few life's instances where, if I could go back, I would have made a difference decision. However, I look back and realize it is a combination of good and not-so-good decisions that make us what we are today.

    We learn from it all (at least we hope!).

  2. When we look back on events in our lives, we have the possibility of seeing (but only if we want to, from our heart) how God has worked ALL things out in our lives for our best. Sometimes we can't see them at the time, but if we look back and ask Him to show us, He does :) What encouragement can be gleaned by asking Him, "show me". He doesn't get mad at us for asking, but will give us just enough insight to encourage us to strengthen our faith.
    I think sometimes as I look back on my life, "I would never be RIGHT here, RIGHT now, if that unpleasant circumstance had not occured. He saw me through, just as He promised".
    Totally awesome! Just makes me tingly thinking how He does that for such a sinner as I!

  3. You know this was a really thoughtful post and I especially appreciate how you told about Jesus and Jairus. I also agree that we have all in front of us now and that with faith and work and consistency it is amazing what we can accomplish.
    Warm wishes, Tonya


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