Monday, June 28, 2010

Husband Survey

No. I don't want another one. The one I have is quite enough, thank you. I am just wondering a little bit about other people's husband and their engagement with home chores. Would you mind answering just a few questions? It is just between us girls!

1) Does your husband realize that the yard requires mowing, weed-eating, and picking up trash and is not just a take-off pad for the car or bike?

2) How often does your husband realize that the trash should go to the big can? The road side? Or the dump? Or is it a war of attrition waiting to see who puts the last piece on that causes the trash-o-lanch?

3) Is your husband on a first name basis with the kitchen or does he just date when you arrange it?

4) How often does your husband's clothes crawl to the laundry? Or does he take pity on them and carry them or even put them in the same room as the washer?

And, last ...

5) Is there a chair in your house that you would like to set fire to with him either in or out of it??

Yeppers. You can tell, can't you? It is 10-thousand degrees and I have been mowing ... with the walk behind... Pass the tea, won't you??

Added later: (Not that I want pity or anything)
We have a two acre yard (I need to rethink this). Yes, he has a riding mower, not me. Since he wasn't taught to share, he doesn't like me to use it. Besides, if anything happens, he blames me.


  1. Oh please Matty come sit with me on my patio and we'll watch the pond and talk! (I'll even try to make you tea!!)

  2. Oy Vey!!
    #1..he lets the goats out to mow the lawn...or any other flora that is around. There is no longer front yard, just a flat, ugly mass!!
    #2...he calls me as he passses the bridge on his way to work on Monday's to remind me to take the trash can to the bridge...that's about 1/4 mile down the driveway...but it is on a roller bin so really, how hard can it be?!
    #3 Hubs is on a first name basis with the kitchen when it comes to cooking only..."hey, you want me to cook AND clean, I'm helping you out here by cooking! Want me to clean? No way."
    #4 The laundry basket is next to his side of the bed. The clothes still are on the floor. When I had heart surgery, he had to ask how to use the washer and as soon as I could move outta bed, he handed that chore right back to me!
    #5 When I am working my keester off and he is sitting in that recliner, reading the XLForum pages (for sportsters) for HOURS, I have seriously given thought to it! Then I rememeber he has no life insurance and I go back to stomping and doing chores.

    Today shall be day two of 100+ say?
    Well, yes ma'm, I am whaa...whaa...whaa-ing!

  3. Tina,

    I have always thought women should live in a commune and rent men! The older I get, the more I believe it! LOL

    Stay cool!

  4. Hehehe, does it count when your husband does some of this but complains about it the entire time?

    My husband grew up in a home where men took care of the lawn but only passed through the kitchen (and assumed their clean clothes just appeared out of nowhere).

    I was hoping my son would improve once he fell in love with an organize girl.

  5. At least twice a week I say out loud when I am changing the trash bag...why am I the only one who recognizes the bag is FULL? Maybe he says why am I the only one who takes the trash to the road? every tues....I haven't heard him talking to himself though.


Thanks for dropping in on the farm today! I enjoy your comments!