Saturday, June 26, 2010


I don't want to whine.


It is so hot today that I have resorted to using a powder with eucalyptus in it. Advice: Be judicious in where you apply it.


  1. people back east hibernate in the winter...we do it in the summer.
    Today is about 93...tomorrow we are expecting 100. That will be our first this year...we usually have had a few by now, so seeing as it is only suppose to be 90 for the rest of the week....I won't complain, I shall just sit in front of the fan and "chill".
    If I get real desperate, I'll go for a ride in the truck and turn the AC on high....we have only a swamp cooler for the house and that's not even been cleaned and tuned up yet, so the fan will have to do..that an minimal clothing ;)

    I don't even want to know where you put that powder.......

  2. HI Matty,
    Here on the east coast we got 90 sweaty degrees too! All I can say is thank God for the pool and air conditioning....LOL! And this easterner loves the winter---skiing, tubing and sliding..oh yeah:-)

  3. It is unusually hot and humid for us. We're getting a break after Monday with a few days of low humidity and temps around 80.

    I laughed about the powder. My son asked me last week if we had anymore of that baby powder he used last year when the humidity caused a rash. :)

  4. LOL.......... Matty............. you are hilarious! I wish we lived closer so we laugh in person.

    BTW, we won't ask for more information about the location of that powder!


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